With Davide Carbone 

FFA- I would love to learn more about you, what’s your background?

DC- Of course, I’m an electronic engineer specialized in artificial intelligence. Some years ago I started creating artificial network visualization driven only by curiosity. I found that these pieces have something unique, in colour and visualization. And I thought it could be interesting in fashion design as texture, then suddenly the world of NFTs opens up, and I found the perfect place for my expression.


FFA- How has being an Electronic Engineer affected your art practice?

DC- Mindset is the best thing you could learn in an Engineering faculty, it opens you a vision.

Let me explain, we are prone to assume that life and nature work in a linear way, dot by dot everything is connected is it true, but the entanglement of quasi-infinite linear processes produce a high chaotic nonlinear system. Engineering and arts give you the ability to perceive this complexity. Every brain needs a different approach to learn and metabolize information. I’m a more visual thinker, so arts and engineer connect very well in my mindset. 


FFA- How was LivingSparks born?

DC- LivingSparks has always been my creative alter-ego, space for my mind to create an abstract self. It was born from the desire to create and produce, with the curiosity of a child, an open mind, and a free heart.

Over the years, this space has been filled with various forms of art. As a performing artist I’m part of Electro Organic Orchestra, an experimental audiovisual collective that uses biological impulses to produce electronic music. With “Germi” project we present a performance in which music and images are generated in real-time by the movements of microorganisms contained in a drop of water.

FFA- Your Digital Artwork is sold as NFTs. Can you tell us more about NFTs?

DC- NFTs is a medium, a powerful one. That allows something inconceivable: a distributed recognized transfer of digital ownership of media. I generally have few convictions, but the NFTs world will take a significant piece of the art market.


FFA- What is an NFT you wish you would have purchased?

DC- I love this artist @iamcyclo, his art is absolutely astonishing



FFA- Do you have any upcoming drops?

DC- Yes, a secret series inspired by Italian renaissance paintings… with a pinch of artificial intelligence… I give you a glimpse:

FFA- What do you think galleries will be/ look like in 100 years?

DC- Definitely multi-planetary, I would bet the opening of a martian arts galley in the next decades.


FFA- What do you think is the future for digital art?

DC- New media exposes to new possibilitys, I think this art needs to enter houses and homes. We need a standard de facto for the fruition of this art. Now the spacetime positioning is controversial, it’s everywhere, you can show it on your phone. But lack the possibility to contemplate it. We need to push it over. A dedicated space and time for arts.


FFA- What’s next for you?

DC- I’m exploring new platforms, more “eco-friendly”. In fact, some works need a generous amount of cryptocurrency that is created using real energy. And we are in the age of sustainability, it is mandatory to pursue that path.


FFA- And finally, do you have any advice for artists to break into the digital art world?

DC- LivingSparks of the past would have told me: focus on your personal perspective, follow your path but always contaminate with other artists and other people.


FFA- Where we can follow your next works and initiatives?

DC- Instagram is my main social media account: https://www.instagram.com/livingsparks/


And you can find all of my projects from this helpful links aggregator: https://linktr.ee/livingsparks