About Us

We founded the Freya Fine Virtual Art Gallery to give up and coming artists a platform to showcase and sell their creations. Virtual reality breaks many of the physical boundaries to traditional exhibitions: with no space constraints, unlimited configuration options and accessibility to everyone on the internet, we curate artists’ work the way it is meant to be shown and appreciated. The global pandemic has restricted our daily lives in many ways – through FFA our mission is give back to the creative community by making art accessible again and giving young creatives the exposure and chances, they deserve.

We want our visitors and clients to feel a personal connection to the space and art. Art is about much more than exclusivity and prestige – it is about the experience, the culture and emotion it provokes. We are open 24 hours, 7 days per week to anyone in the world – and if you like a piece, you can purchase it, to experience it in real life in your home or office every day.

We worked hand in hand with our artists to create FFA, to make sure their wants and needs are represented in the exhibition and overall web experience. By eliminating the physical space and many of the associated overheads, our commission is reduced, meaning our artists get to keep a larger share of the sale price – with every purchase you are directly supporting and fostering the development of young artist, enabling them to push their practise forward and keep doing what they are doing best: creating.

Freya Fine


Born in London, raised internationally in the US and Europe, Freya has always been surrounded by culture and the arts. Educated at Charterhouse Freya then pursued a Fine Art Degree at Central Saint Martins, where she explored her personal practice and place as an artist. Prior to co-founding FFA, Freya specialised in Management and Visual – Digital Media and worked with various marketing agencies, as well as e-commerce platforms. At FFA, she is responsible for all art direction, design, curation and creative leadership.


Florian Schaffner


Growing up in a Bauhaus in eastern Germany, Florian has always had a connection to architecture and art. After finishing school where he met Freya, he moved to Madrid for his undergraduate and master studies, which eventually lead him into the world of real estate. With a background in technology and private equity, at FFA he has a managerial role and coordinates the activities within the company, but loves to get involved in Freya’s creative side.