Wing Tung So

Hong Kong


Hailing from Hong Kong, Central Saint Martins graduate Wing, transitions between painting and video. Her images are marked by the visual obscurity of superficial facades, blurring real architectural landscapes and our temporal experiences of spaces filtered through screens. It is a translation between planes of multidimensionality: when surface moulds into space, painting reacts with video, when one medium consumes the other.

With the exhibited piece, Reframing (2019), Wing warps, distorts frames taken from our contemporary city in flux. She explores gestural mark marking, which stems intuitively from the editing processes of her renderings, extracting abstract lines and forms. Her constructed landscapes play between optical plausibility and perspectival impossibility, conjured by mirrored reflections and transparencies in glass architecture.



Reframing (2019)
Video piece. 1 minute 30 seconds. Silent. Video piece. 47 seconds. Silent.