Hoa Dung Clerget

London, UK 


Whether painting, craft, installation or performance, each work reflects a different temporal experience. Hoa Dung’s practice becomes a means of pluralising her habitation of time and rhythms of life. The result is a way of doing between idleness and action, between a necessary inaction reflected in some lazy paintings and an unbridled production like the embroidery works that index the labor time. Having grown up in France in a Vietnamese family, Hoa Dung uses the family traditions embodied in domestic objects to construct her artistic language. It allows her to speak about cultural tensions that the diaspora encounters. The domestic object like the broom used at home or in the studio introduces the dialectic between the space of alienation and that of emancipation, questions feminine domestic activity as an artistic core that a certain modernity had banished. Referring to the avant-garde movements of the 20th century allows her to deepen their systems of thought and break into it through works tinted by a blended post-modern aesthetic and an artisanal practice.

Hoa Dung Clerget

Untitled (brooms) 2020

Size 300 cm x 200 xm

Straw from brooms, acrylic on jute


Featured Work

Hoa Dung Clerget

Repetition twelve I 2020

Calabashes, acrylic

YuYu Zhitong and Hoa Dung Clerget

Soulèvement 2020

Size: 150 cm x 150 cm

Acrylic on wood panel