Cameron Duke

London, Uk

Cameron’s work explores the process of abstracting figuration. he takes pictorial references of tapestries and then draws from these with the conscious idea of simplifying the forms he sees. From those preparatory drawings, paintings, sculpture and collages are created. Dukes resulting paintings are predominantly abstract, yet common shapes may relate to people in certain ways. His sketchbooks run in tandem with the painting, as he references important colours and forms- integral to his practice. Duke sees the process as a personal investigation and therefore challenging the viewer to their own conclusions and general perception of the work.  


Cameron Duke 

The power of pink

66.5 cm x 66.5 cm

Acrylic, oil pastel and pen on calico

The Power of Pink, looks at depicting simplified drawings of tapestries, done prior to the painting. The painting highlights a number of drawings of multiple tapestries ranging from 1700 – the present day.


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