Kirsty Simmons

London, UK


 Kirsty’s work is heavily influenced by our technological environment and the effect screens have on both our sense of presence and perception of reality. Using digital imaging software as a production tool, Kirsty redefines the aesthetic of painting in the age of new media, creating paintings with an artificial feel, forming a shift between the virtual and reality.

Kirsty Simmons


without frame 74 x 69 x 3cm . With frame 79 x 75 x 5cm. 


 Merging photographs with images and colour gradients created in SketchUp, Illustrator and Photoshop, ‘Retreat’ aims to depict an experimental stage set made up of parts from different worlds. This painting is designed to aesthetically resemble cyberspace; similar to the internet, this space combines information from various locations and perspectives. By composing a scene which feels deliberately fabricated and unnatural,

‘Retreat’ aims to discredit the lavish, extravagant lives portrayed in advertising. Aesthetic perfection is explored through the surface of this piece, incorporating multiple layers of gesso to prime the surface, a roller to apply paint, and masking tape to achieve clean, straight lines.







Kirsty Simmons

‘One Quiet Morning’

61 x 51 x 4cm.



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