Ellie Niblock

N. Ireland 

Ellie Niblock is a Northern Irish artist living and working in London and has an MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins. She has participated in both solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally, including working with venues such as Tate and the Baltic. She recently sold work to The Arts Council for their permanent collection. Ellie has been awarded a residency at Yorkshire Sculpture Park which will take place in 2021.


Ellie works primarily with sculpture, digital technologies, and installation. Her work is concerned with the exploration of unknowable places, over-consumption, particle pollution and how this impacts the multi-faceted digital self. Her entities traverse foreign space and are reconstructed through the environment in which they are immersed in. Ellie is interested in exploring the possibilities of how materiality and technologies can alter our perception of experiences. She creates highly decorative and tactile sculptures and manipulates them through various software, which in turn investigates the relationship between the physical and the digital worlds and how they co-exist.

Ellie works with synthetic materials such as soft foam, glossy silicone, and liquid plastic to create obscure objects and alternate worlds. Excited about the future of touch and technology, Ellie plays with possibilities around this. She manifests this tangibility through the screen using a range of digital technologies and physical sculpture. Digital processes include photogrammetry, 3D scanning, 3D modelling, animation, game design and experimental sound to create virtual entities and environments.


Shrine, Blender, Maya